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Course Syllabus

The lectures are grouped into four main modules:

  1. Charismatic species and tourism;
  2. Resource value and management;
  3. Marine ecosystems and climate change;
  4. Fishery management in the Maldives.

Module 1. Charismatic species of the Maldives and tourism

  1. Mantas of the Maldives – An Introduction
  2. Mantas of the Maldives – Manta tourism
  3. Whales and Dolphins of the Maldives
  4. Marine turtles of the Maldives

Module 2. Resource value and management

  1. How local communities value natural resources
  2. Hanifaru Bay, Baa Atoll: a case study

Module 3. Marine ecosystems and climate change

  1. How microbes control the health of the reef

  2. Coral Lines Project – making coral reef restoration more accessible

Module 4: Fishery management in the Maldives

  1. An insight into the Maldives livebait and tuna fishery
  2. Impacts of ghost nets in the Maldives