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Research activities have been carried out in the Maldives for decades now, however, it is sometimes difficult to have access to this information and connect with the people conducting those studies. The course of Marine Conservation was created by the IUCN Maldives Marine Projects in collaboration with the Faculty of Science of the Maldives to increase knowledge exchange and participation of Maldivian students in past and present research activities run in the country.

Required background

No background is needed to understand the lectures included in this course. While the lectures are open to the general public, they were originally designed for the students of the BSc in Environmental Management of the Faculty of Science.

Course format

The course is divided into three main modules. Each module contains one or more lectures. For each lecture, the following material is available:

  • Videos of each lecture divided into chapters;
  • Audio files of each presentation;
  • PDF of the presentations (when used);
  • Further readings;
  • Useful links;
  • At the end of each lecture, a self-evaluation test is available.


Q: How long will the course be?
A: The course doesn’t have a fixed length yet. Modules and lectures will be added until the end of 2015. Each lecture will last for about 60 minutes, followed by a questions and answers session.

Q: Do I have to pay to follow this course?
A: No, this course is free and accessible to all public. Our videos can be seen on you tube while presentations pdfs can be downloaded from the portal.

Q: Do I have to watch the lectures in a particular order?
A: Lectures were classified based on the content, however each one is meant to be a stand alone event so you do not have to watch them in a particular order.

Q: How many times can I repeat the tests?
A: You can repeat the test at the end of each lecture as many times as you want. The tests are run using google forms and are set in a way that you will receive your scores by e-mail.

Q: Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?
A: Not yet, but once all lectures will be finalised and included, there is a plan for the course to be accredited by the Maldives National University.

Module 1: Charismatic species and tourism

Welcome to Module 1 of our “Marine conservation in the Maldives” course. In this first module, our invited lecturers will introduce you to the biology and ecology of some charismatic marine species living in the Maldives, and will also highlight the i…

Module 2: Resource value and management

Welcome to Module 2 of our “Marine conservation in the Maldives” course. In this second module, our invited lecturers will explain how natural resources can be valued in the Maldives. This module will also introduce you to some examples of management…

Module 3: Marine ecosystems and climate change

Welcome to Module 3 of our “Marine conservation in the Maldives” course. In this third module, our invited lecturers will introduce you to the major marine ecosystems that can be found in the Maldives, their most important threats and some solutions…

Module 4: Fishery management in the Maldives

Welcome to Module 4 of our “Marine conservation in the Maldives” course. In this module, our invited lecturers will introduce you to fishery practices in the Maldives, focusing specifically on tuna and live bait fishery, and will also highlight import…

Some interesting lectures

Welcome to the ‘Some interesting lectures’ module. This module is not part of the course on Marine science in the Maldives, however here you will find some interesting lectures and speakers that took part into the REGENERATE-IUCN series of pu…