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Module 1: Charismatic species and tourism

Welcome to Module 1 of our “Marine conservation in the Maldives” course. In this first module, our invited lecturers will introduce you to the biology and ecology of some charismatic marine species living in the Maldives, and will also highlight the importance of these species both environmentally and ecologically.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you will learn that:

  • charismatic species are fundamental for the survival of the coral reef;
  • healthy populations of marine species mean healthy coral reefs;
  • charismatic species are valued more alive than dead;
  • human behaviour can have serious impacts on marine populations;
  • tourism can represent a sustainable solution for non-extractive use of marine resources only if rules are in place to limit interactions with species.

Lectures in this module

Mantas of the Maldives - An Introduction (part 1)

Despite the worldwide distribution of manta rays (Manta alfredi) in tropical and subtropical regions, there is very little published information on their biology or ecology. Knowledge of the abundance of mantas and their migration patterns is essential to…

Mantas of the Maldives - Manta Tourism (part 2)

Manta rays are a major attraction for tourist divers and snorkelers in the Republic of Maldives. Based on surveys of experienced divers and tourists carried out at manta viewing dive sites, the manta-related touristic activity was estimated to be worth ab…

Whales and Dolphins of the Maldives

The waters of the Maldives are part of the International Whaling Commission’s Indian Ocean Sanctuary and have recorded 23 species of cetacean (Anderson et al. 2012), which are protected under Maldivian law. The order Cetacea comprises wholly marine ma…

Marine turtles of the Maldives

The ability to identify individuals within a population is often a starting point for ecological and conservation studies. Realistic estimates of population size and distribution of a species are important for creating effective management strategies. All…