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Module 2: Resource value and management

Welcome to Module 2 of our “Marine conservation in the Maldives” course. In this second module, our invited lecturers will explain how natural resources can be valued in the Maldives. This module will also introduce you to some examples of management practices and the role of civil society in the preservation of the environment.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you will learn that:

  • there are different ways of use natural resources;
  • we can value natural resources and reefs in particular;
  • there is a strong connection between resource use and sustainable development;
  • cultural/spiritual values are fundamental to understand how people perceive natural resources;
  • tourism can have a negative effect on natural resources is unregulated;
  • civil society can actually ask for an area to be protected;
  • local communities need to be involved in the management of protected areas.

Lectures in this module

How local communities value natural resources

Today’s society is gearing towards a more global concern about the environment. Although the concerns are at the global level actions are often focused at the local level. Local actions, repeated across communities, are thought to have regional and glob…

Hanifaru Bay: a case study

A bay the size of a football pitch, Hanifaru Bay is a unique and special site where, during favourable conditions, over 200 manta rays aggregate to feed on the zooplankton trapped inside the bay. Hanifaru Bay is now a Marine Protected Area (MPA) of the Ma…