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Advanced marine science in the Maldives

The Marine Research Center and IUCN through Project REGENERATE partnered with Catlin Seaview Survey (CSS) Expedition to provide a baseline of coral reef characteristics and health across habitats affected by varying levels of human influence and human development . The overarching goal of the expedition is to provide wide-ranging insight into the anthropogenic drivers of coral reef decline within the Maldives and other coral reef ecosystems around the world. This project will generate data on coral reef resilience that are of immediate relevance to the conservation and management of Maldivian reefs at large scale and small scale, focusing on investigating habitat condition and composition, and fish community structure and productivity in North Ari atoll. Analyses derived from this expedition will be used to support Marine Protected Area and Marine Managed Area management within the Maldives, in particular North Ari Atoll, and to define the risks coral reef ecosystems face from increasing anthropogenic influences and a changing climate.  The CSS is an important scientific study that aims to carry out a rapid assessment of the current state of coral reef systems and to make this scientific record publicly available for scientists worldwide to use.  This seminar will focus on the advanced technology for marine research used by the CSS globally and will be an informative session for all those interested in the marine environment.

Part 1. Advanced Technology for Marine Research (Dr. Ben Neal)

Part 2. Using imagery to understand coral reef distribution (Dominic Bryant)

Part 3. Coral-Algal interactions (Kristen Brown)

Part 4. Coral health and diseases (Catherine Kim)

Part 5. Changes in coral communities over changing depths (Veronica Radice)

Part 6. Coral coverage and spatial planning (Jennifer McGowan)

Part 7. Questions & Answers