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In Maldives, governmental and non-governmental institutions are conducting research projects to improve conservation of natural resources. In this page, you will find information and links to all projects currently taking place in the Maldives and the organizations behind them.

Maldives Science Projects


A joint initiative of IUCN, MEE, MoFA, MRC and EPA, project REGENERATE (sponsored by USAID) aims at developing a Resilience-Based Management (RBM) framework to improve the ability of policy-makers and stakeholders in the Maldives to understand and address the risks from global, regional and local-scale pressures on their environment.


National Coral Reef Monitoring Framework

The National Coral Reef Monitoring Programme (NCRMF) is part of the Wetland Conservation and Coral Reef Monitoring for Adaptation to Climate Change (WCCM) Project. The NCRMF is an online platform that aims at increasing participation by Resorts and Dive Centers in data collection on natural resources. The project is expected to generate the scientific evidence necessary for a more effective management of coral reefs.


Green Fins Initiative

Green Fins was originally initiated by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) under the Regional Seas programme as part of the effort to increase public awareness and management practices that will benefit the conservation of coral reefs and reduce unsustainable tourism practices. It is overseen by the Coral Reef Unit of UNEP based in Bangkok in collaboration with Reef-World. Green Fins is a comprehensive approach that encourages dive centres and snorkel operators, local communities and governments to work together to reduce their environmental impacts. This is primarily done through the private sector adopting a Code of Conduct that will help mitigate their impacts when carrying out marine tourism activities.


Project Damage Control

This project was started as a social action project for the Commonwealth Change-makers programme. Our main aim is to clean up the swimming areas in Male’ and to ensure that they stay clean by having a weekly clean up day. We also aim to increase awareness among the public about the dangers of throwing waste in the ocean and littering in general. We believe that our ocean is a blessing and that all should be able to enjoy the beauty without it being marred by the waste that has accumulated in our swimming spots.


Maldives Research Organisations

Marine Research Center

The Marine Research Center (MRC) was created to assist the government, industry and the public in making informed decisions about the rational utilization of the country’s marine resources through proper scientific research, and to be a contributor and disseminator of knowledge about the marine environment.The center’s mission is to undertake policy driven strategic research, particularly on fisheries resources, mariculture and coral reefs, and make relevant information available to authorities for sustainable management of the resources.


Korallion Lab

Korallionlab is a marine station dedicated to coral reef research in Vavvaru island, Lhaviyani Atoll, in the Maldives. Korallionlab is dedicated to undertaking as well as sustaining world leading marine research.